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The Atlanta Horrorfest(concert portion) will be taking a TEMPORARY hiatus for the 2010 Halloween season. I want to personally thank ALL OF YOU who made it possible for the past 4 years. We're not going anywhere. Due to conflicting schedules we were left with too little time to reschedule this year.

HOWEVER the REAL Atlanta Horrorfest Film Festival, the Buried Alive Film Fest is back again for the third year bigger and better than ever this November, check out more info at BuriedAliveFilmfest.com

Also for all you ZOMBIES out there, we're not leaving you hanging(or aimlessly lurching the streets) Zombie Walk Atlanta has been moved from October 10th to September 26th. After the walk was scheduled. We realized Drive-Invasion moved to October 10th, and I think i speak fro many of you zombies out there...I'm not gonna miss Drive-Invasion.

See the ZOMBIES page for more info.

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Zombie Walkumentary

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